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About Us

WCCG brings together a team of business leaders, creative minds, salespersons, information technology specialists and marketing gurus that have the knowledge and experience to steer your business to the place you want it to be.

When we were looking for a name for our company, we wanted something that represented the uniqueness of the area in which we live. Each member of our staff lives in either West Virginia or Ohio, near or on the Ohio River. Our name refers to the White caps that are often found on the Ohio River. These “river waves” are created by a strong wind blowing across the water’s surface. We decided to choose a name that honored the beautiful water that is so much a part of our daily life…the Ohio River.

Here is our crew…

Our Work

You have met the staff. You have reviewed our services. Now let WCCG take you on a tour of our work. We want to show you a sampling of things that we have done for other clients. It is our hope that you will soon join the ranks of our satisfied clients.

Our Services

White Caps Creative Group lives in the place where your business stops. Think of us as an extension of YOUR business.