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Our Services - Event Planning

Let’s look for a reason to have a party and throw one! Special events can attract attention to a business or an area. Have something to celebrate? Entertainment for your open house or business anniversary is a non-threatening way to invite first time buyers into your place of business. From the tents to the sound system rental, for national talent or local magicians, WCCG has years of experience putting it all together.

Does your town have a local business co-op or association? Why not hold a special event that can benefit all of those retailers in the area? Perhaps a concert, a festival or car show. WCCG can help. We know what it takes to make a successful event run smoothly. We can point you in the right direction for every detail that you will need to check off your list. How about celebrating the excellent work your employees have done with a “How Exceptional of You” party? The annual Christmas Party turning into a bore? We can help. Add a comedian, or musical group to liven it up a bit. Is Wednesday night at your restaurant a bit of a no-show for customers? How about turning it into family night with a magician for the kids? The possibilities are endless.

  • Put some life back into a company party.
  • Special events can bring a crowd to a specific area.
  • We can help non-profits and organizations bring an event to a new level of success.
  • WCCG will tie it all together with specified events and marketing plans for that event.
Let’s talk about what a special event can do for you.
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The possibilities are endless

If there is something that you need that isn’t on this list, just ask. Chances are, we can make it happen!