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Our Services - Email Marketing

White Caps Creative Group’s e-mail marketing can deliver your news and information faster than a speeding bullet and greener than Ed Begley Jr’s toaster. It’s pinpointed, it’s effective and it is an environmentally friendly way to send your information to your clients.

With traditional direct mailing campaigns you had to print the card or flyer, pay for the postage on all those pieces, and then assemble them with the addresses that may or may not be correct. While a direct mail campaign can be effective, email marketing can be so much more efficient AND effective. No more wasting paper and postage that could be sent to customers who do not exist or cannot be found at the address you have listed for them. No longer are you dependant on the postal service to hold up their end of the deal in a timely fashion. Email marketing is quick, easy and successful.

With “snail mail” promotions, your potential customer would be made aware of your product or special event, but would have to wait to act upon it. With email marketing, they can immediately click on a provided link that sends them to your website. This gives them at the very least, more information about your offering, if not providing them with an instant opportunity to purchase what you have to offer.

  • An environmentally friendly way to do direct mail.
  • Incorrect addresses are not a waste of printing and postage.
  • An excellent way to gain an immediate response to your promotional campaign.

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The possibilities are endless

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