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Our Services - Direct Mail

You can do a campaign for a specific group of current or soon-to-be clients by utilizing our pinpoint marketing strategies for your special event or sale. We can help you produce the piece that you want to mail, such as a postcard or flier, and then assist you in deciding who should receive it. We have the tools to discover which groups to market to based on age, geographical location or some other socio-economic status. Let’s say you are a realtor in Parkersburg, WV. You have a home for sale that is in a great spot along the river and would make a nice vacation home, but it is just not selling with the folks in the Parkersburg/Marietta area. So, you decide to do some direct mail advertisements not only in the Mid Ohio Valley area, but in other parts of West Virginia and Ohio as well. We will help you find your buyers and then create a printed piece tailor made for them.

  • Targeting your client saves you time and money.
  • Campaigns at certain times can drive sales to your location.
  • We realize that while the internet is widely used, there are still some people for whom mailing is the most effective way to reach them.
  • There are so many possibilities for what you can say and who you can reach with a direct mail campaign.
  • Let us help sort out all the details and directions for your next direct mail campaign.

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The possibilities are endless

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