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Our Services - Personalize URL (PURL)

Personalized URLs (PURLs) help your direct mail campaign work harder. The more you know about your clients, the better. You create more “bang” for your buck, by creating a tailor made experience with personalized URLS, images and text based on known habits and interests of your visitor. You gain feedback based on their activity while on the site. These responses can give you insight to information regarding your client’s needs providing you with a truly targeted and personalized marketing tool. PURLs can also be activated to alert you immediately that a client has visited your site and is interested in your product or service, enabling you to “strike while the iron is hot” before they lose interest or go to your competitor. Information is an invaluable tool when it comes to sales. Getting to know your buyer can be difficult in today’s fast paced cyber world. PURLs offer a more personalized experience between you and your clients, making the World Wide Web more of a hometown experience.
  • PURLs can provide your customer a warmer, more “suited-to-them” type experience.
  • Gives you more feedback on what type of customer you are reaching on the internet.
  • Provides you with an opportunity to immediately respond when someone has visited your site.
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