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Q: What does the term “White Caps” in your company’s name mean?

A: It refers to the “river waves” that form on the Ohio River when the wind blows across the water forming small, white foamy “caps”.
In his book the “History of ‘La Belle Riviere’, Archer Butler Hulbert writes of the Ohio River that “The best evidence goes to prove that the great stream which had so much to do with the early movements of American pioneers beyond the Alleghanies (now spelled Alleghenies) was described by the Indians, when they saw it under the influence of the prevailing southwest wind, as "the river of many white caps."
When we were deciding what to name our business we wanted something that referenced the area in which we lived. Since we are all located in the Ohio River Valley, we felt that “White Caps” was a unique but excellent choice to refer to the beautiful river that we all enjoy.

Q: Our business has a limited budget. Can you still help us?

A: Certainly, we can still help you. Your budget will remain low if you don’t let people know what you have to offer. We are here for the small business to assist in their marketing efforts. We hope to make your business grow, and in turn, our services will grow with you.

Q: Our business is not in the Ohio Valley. Do you work outside the local area?

A: White Caps Creative Group is a National company, not only serving the local and regional business, but companies from all areas and of any type and size.” Add “We live in the Mid-Ohio Valley, but consider all of Ohio and West Virginia to be at our doorstep.

Q: I see some examples here, but I have not seen exactly what I am looking for. How do I know if you have what our business needs?

A: Chances are pretty good that we do. There just isn’t enough space to show EVERYTHING we do. Let’s talk, and get your ideas down. I’m sure our creative team will make it happen.

Q: We already have some advertising in place. Can we work with you even if we don’t use you for all of our marketing?

A: Of course you can. We have clients that utilize all of our skills and abilities, and some that only need us for one service. We can work with your current marketing plan, or design a new one that encompasses all of your needs.

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