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Karl Semon - Chief Technical Officer

Karl Semon – CTO – our First Mate. Karl’s background is technical. No, it isn’t that difficult to explain, he’s just the guy who tears things apart and is responsible for putting them back together. He’s our techie, and he’s a natural at dealing with all things computer. He is the man that makes everything flow smoothly at White Caps. Karl also has a background in Business Management and Accounting when channeled with his mechanical knowledge flows out into a perfect stream for our company.

Here is our crew…

Our Work

You have met the staff. You have reviewed our services. Now let WCCG take you on a tour of our work. We want to show you a sampling of things that we have done for other clients. It is our hope that you will soon join the ranks of our satisfied clients.

Our Services

White Caps Creative Group lives in the place where your business stops. Think of us as an extension of YOUR business.