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DeAnn Cummings - Chief Executive Officer

DeAnn Cummings is our CEO – or Captain. She has been about the “business” of business for over 25 years. Accounting, marketing, sales and human resources have been on her radar as the co-owner of 3D Entertainment, the Associate Executive Director of Evergreen Behavioral Health Center, and the Chief Consultant for Cummings Consulting. As a small business owner in a rural area, DeAnn knows the challenges that face a company who doesn’t just need to drive people to their door, but also has to help them FIND it. That is where WCCG was born…to throw a life preserver to those who are in the deep waters of business all alone.

Here is our crew…

Our Work

You have met the staff. You have reviewed our services. Now let WCCG take you on a tour of our work. We want to show you a sampling of things that we have done for other clients. It is our hope that you will soon join the ranks of our satisfied clients.

Our Services

White Caps Creative Group lives in the place where your business stops. Think of us as an extension of YOUR business.